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Posted: Aug 6, 2004 01:48:01

TOSCA'S MUSIC HELPS ME WON AN AWARD IN CHINA! Hi G-Stone Recordings, please help me to send this message to Tosca! I am a Chinese artist in London. From the inspiration of Tosca's music, I did an animation as the final project for my MA degree. I did this 5 minutes music video for one of their tracks which gain very good respond in the MA exhibition. And today I got to know that this animation even won the award of the biggest animation festival in China! I really want to say thanks to Tosca and their music. I hope i can have their address where I can send a CD with my animation to. Please reply to my email: xxxxxxxxxxcom. Thank you very much! Ann remark. don't post your e-mails, guys unless you like spam.

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