Keepin’ Me is the second album by producer Stefan Moerth for Kruder & Dorfmeister’s G-Stone label. As with most G-Stone productions it’s a family affair drawing on the rich vein of talent that has put Vienna on the electronic music map. Stereotyp has been known in the past for his club orientated productions; fusing dancehall and soul influences with a heavy tech sound that made his tracks club DJ essentials.

On this album however he has developed his sound to such a degree that he has successfully completed the transformation from dancefloor devastator to convincing electronic soul producer. In much the same way that Warp Records Jamie Lidell went from the techno end of clubbing to ipods and home systems everywhere with his album Multiply so Stereotyp has managed the same trick with his sublime album – Keepin Me.

The album was recorded in Stereotyp’s studio in Vienna – it is by his own admission quite basic but from the simplest of setups sometimes come the most beautiful musical gems. The one thing he has spent a lot of money on is a microphone and with the vocal talent lending itself to this album you can understand why.

First amongst these talented equals is Sandra Kurzweil – a twenty one year old family friend who was initially shy about letting Stefan hear her sing. A friend of a friend had to broach the subject with him and then when he listened to her voice he realized he had made a hugely exciting discovery for soul music. “She’s really young and this is the first thing she’s done” Stefan tells us “what’s great about her is that even with this truly amazing voice – there’s no conceit or ego about her – she’s a really humble person”.
In the title track Keepin’ Me she comes across like a fresh faced Lauren Hill with a delivery that makes hairs stand on end.

G-Stone stalwart and backyard barbecue buddy Hubert Tubbs (Ex-Tower of Power singer) adds his own vocal stylings to Keepin Me as well as providing the lead vocals on Fool For You. “Hubert and Cesar are part of the family here in Vienna – we see each other a lot so it was really cool and natural to work with them on the album” Cesar Sampson is another member of the G-Stone family who has contributed to the organic feel of the album taking lead vocal duties on Not Afraid, Over, It’s On and Take The Weight as well as providing backing vocals across a number of the other tracks.

One vocalist who isn’t strictly part of the family (though his honorary status is now confirmed) is Wu Tang Clan’s Cappadonna who provides the slick raps on Do Dirt - the track that adds a gritty street flavour to Stereotyps electronic soul opus. “The meeting with Cappadonna was by chance really. He was playing a gig in Vienna and I just approached him afterwards and got talking to him. I played him some of my stuff and we just clicked so he came to the studio the next day and we worked on this track together and got it nailed before he left”.

When he’s not ensconced in his Vienna studio Stereotyp splits his time between New York where he used to live for over six years and on the road touring his sound. For live gigs he uses Ableton Live crossing the different styles of music that he loves from his heavy tech productions to Dancehall and from soul to hip hop. He often tours with the Al Haca crew with whom he collaborated on a previous album “because it’s a lot of fun on the road with those guys”

When asked if he was considering touring the Keepin’ Me album Stefan tells us that for now “it would be a very big production to get all those guys on the road and I’m not sure the clubs are ready for it but I guess it depends on the success of the album”

We’ll see you next summer at all the festivals then Stefan !


GSCD 028
1. keepin me feat. sandra kurzweil & hubert tubbs
2. not afraid feat. cesar sampson
3. ladies do feat. sandra kurzweil
4. over feat. cesar sampson
5. do dirt feat. cappadonna
6. big flows feat. coppa
7. slices feat. RQM
8. take the weight feat. cesar sampson
9. it’s you feat. sandra kurzweil
10. satisfied feat. daniela bauer
11. It’s on feat. RQM and cesar sampson
12. blinded feat. sandra kurzweil
13. nothing but love feat. RQM
14. fool for you feat. hubert tubbs

GSLP 028
A1. keepin me feat. sandra kurzweil & hubert tubbs
A2. not afraid feat. cesar sampson
A3. ladies do feat. sandra kurzweil
B1. over feat. cesar sampson
B2. do dirt feat. cappadonna
B3. big flows feat. coppa
C1. slices feat. RQM
C2. take the weight feat. cesar sampson
C3. it’s you feat. sandra kurzweil
D1. It’s on feat. RQM and cesar sampson
D2. nothing but love feat. RQM

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