Get G-Stoned Part II: Screensaver

As it usually takes both hands to roll 'em, these "kinky" screensavers casually appear bothering you with marquee text like 'keep on working'. Time for a change!

Here@G-Stone Recordings, we know about your basic needs - the one and only G-Stone screensaver. Watch the G-Stone logo heartbeat - relaxation at its best.
Probably, you'll find a hidden message inside the logo, probably you will never see it...

Download G-Stone Screensaver v1.0:

  Win-32 version Macintosh version
Pentium 166MMX or better,
32 MB Ram
Power Macintosh
Download: g-saver.exe (502 kB) g-saver.hqx (587 kB)

Open the downloaded exe-file (by doubleclicking), extract it into any folder and execute the file 'setup.exe'. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the screensaver.

Copy the unstuffed screensaver into your control panels folder and restart your system to make it active.

  Any questions? ask screenmaster

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