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a low world according to chocolate elvis in a town called vienna


Tosca is the brainchild of Richard Dorfmeister + Rupert Huber. Both met in school where they shared the same enthusiasm about music. Very soon they formed their first group called Dehli 9, which was a wild collective, experimenting with tape machines and indian influences, mixed with poetry lyrics.

new paths

After school everybody went its way. Rupert decided to work in the experimental music scene, while Richard teamed up with Peter Kruder to form the producer/dj duo Kruder+Dorfmeister. 1993 the G-stone label was launched. K&D; became trademark, their K&D; remix sessions are legendary.


In 1994, Richard and Rupert met again to do a new thing called Tosca. Initially a fun-project, they released their first 12", called Chocolate elvis (G-stone 12 002), which combined classical samples with NYC street-blues samples. The track was licensed to a whole range of compilations and still can be heard on dancefloors worldwide. Their second stroke called Fuck dub (G-stone 12 003) used heavy basslines and freaked-out spoken word clips.


1997 saw the release Opera (G-stone CD 002), their first album, which featured old + new tracks and was described as soulful and analogue soundscape. Some saw it as a smooth fusion of ambient funk + delicate dub. The mixmag wrote: It's the blues, and the thick sultry bass, that make this as sexy and melancholy as cigarette smoke after a one-night stand in a strange city. The new tracks were featured on Buona Sarah (G-stone 12 005)

fuck dub remixes

The next step was to bring in mutual friends from all over Europe to work on a remix-series of Fuck dub. It became a very exciting project and resulted in a colourful mixture of versions. Artists + labels involved in this project were: Fila Brazillia, Baby Mammoth (pork), Fauna Flash, Beanfield (compost), Daniel Haaksman, Shantel (essay), Morpheus/Beanfield (SSR), Gambusa (studio K7), Uptight productions (uptight), pulsinger + tunakan (cheap) All these reworkings were featured on Fuck dub the remix album (G-stone CD 003).

exclusive tracks

The first exclusive track The key was produced for the high-profile Freezone 4 compilation released on SSR/Crammed, followed by Ocean beat, released on the Future sound of jazz vol.4. This tripped out-track is intended to be heard on the beach after the consumption of at least 3 jazz-cigarettes.


The world of tosca is always connected to the city Vienna, sounds seen through a rain-drenched cab windscreen, a low world full of bluesy gentleness.

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