Urbs is a Vienna-based DJ and Producer. He had his first releases out on Uptight Recordings as Urbs & Chaoz in the Nineties, then started a collaboration with fellow producer Cutex. As Urbs & Cutex they released two albums of mellow, instrumental HipHop that are regarded as late classics in that genre and are now sought by many cratediggers around the world.
His first release as a solo artist was 2005´s „Toujours le meme film“ on G-Stone Recordings, which was coproduced and engineered by Peter Kruder and marked a change in direction towards cinematic instrumental compositions, yet still deeply rooted in the aestethics of organic, samplebased HipHop. The album was a great success and some of the songs have been featured on countless compilations and in movie and TV scores. A tour with a six piece band throughout Europe followed. He never gave up on HipHop though, still doing remixes and production for numerous HipHop and Dancehall acts. He is a well respected DJ and plays mostly his own productions, remixes and edits, of which there are about one hundred up to date. Urbs is currently working on an album of collaborations with various singers and MCs from all around the world and on a follow up to „Toujours le meme film“. Besides that he produces music for film and TV.