Sugar B


Sugar B is a true legend, a real daddy for the Viennese electronic music scene and one of the key figures in the G-Stone cosmos. Sugar B is a natural born entertainer and is spreading the message of Swound (the warm feeling that deep bass frequencies generate within your inner self) for almost 25 years now. He used to be MC in The Moreaus, a band he founded with Peter Kruder, Rodney Hunter and DJ DSL back in the Eighties and with his Silly Solid Swoundsystem he contributed in establishing HipHop, Dub and Reggae in Europe. Liquid Radio, the FM4 show he is presenting with Makossa is just as legendary as the Dub Club at the Flex, which he founded and hosted for more than 10 years. He is also a dancer and MC with Kruder & Dorfmeister, collector of proletarian oddities from the past, actor and a true messenger of the typical Viennese wit. Original!