Rodney Hunter

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Austro-American DJ / Producer Rodney Hunter is dead-on when he says that he’s been “around the block” more than once. Known for unifying different genres from funk to electro, midtempo to house, dub to hip hop to his very own “Hunter sound”, Yes, Rodney Hunter, also a skilled bass and drum player, has come a long way. His musical career spans 20 years, starting off as a under aged member of the legendary Hip Hop Formation “Moreaus” along side Peter Kruder, DJ DSL and Sugar B in 1988, leading him to launching his own label and production company ‘Uptight / BMG ’ in Vienna, 1994. Due to the massive success of Rodney’s first production project (Leena Conquest – Boundaries, 1994), Rodney instantly established to a world-class producer and travelled around the globe to produce acts for Forth & Broadway, Island Records and Gee Street Records. “It was like a dream come true back then for me, being able to write songs and do remixes for artists like The Rza, Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim’s ‘Freak Power Project, Martine Girault, Doug E Fresh or the Stereo MC’s.. I mean, I grew up in Vienna, Austria , and all of a sudden I’m sitting at Unique Studios in New York, waiting for the A&R man from Def Jam who wants to shop a beat off me for a Jay Z Release. If that isn’t crazy cool, then what is?”


In 1997 Rodney received a Grammy nomination with Uptight productions; in 1998 Rodney presented his Vienna based hip hop project ‘Aphrodelics’, whom the first major released single (Rolling on chrome) stormed the German Sales Charts (top 30), till today this song is handled as the electronic hip hop blueprint and an all time classic. After a few years of major global business, Rodney started to get back into DJ’ing and more in to club music. “I started to get dissatisfied with producing standard length, 3.45 minute tracks with 3 verses and a few hooks. I have always loved club music and wanted to expand my horizons.” Since then Rodney has played extensively across the globe and has proved on more than one occasion that he is ‘The Vienna sound machine’.

Rodney Hunter carried on releasing his first solo album Hunterfiles (2004)  - which turned out an instant success, having various tracks licensed more than over 100 times - and the follow up album Hunterville (2007). 2009 saw the release of “Freak On“ featuring French shooting star Jay Sebag and containing versatile mixes by the Italian/German DJ Jean Claude Ades and Austrian producer Parov Stelar. The EP added a new and exciting dimension to Rodney Hunter´s unmistakable groove vocabulary, making the track one of his most concise yet danceable releases ever.

And just when you thought he would kick back and relax, he returns with yet another bag of hits. The EP "Dedications" is the first release on his own newly founded label Hunter Recordings and an ode to the people that have been down with Hunter Sound from the start, the friends and the critics. Despite a heavy schedule including recording sessions, remix work, touring the globe and his undercover second life as a G-Stoner he still manages to deliver the goods.