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Rodney Hunter has always been part of the family, since the days of hanging out with a spiky haired Kruder in the 3rd grade, and later pulling on the heavy four strings in the Moreaus hip hop band with other social group family members DSL, Sugar B and the aforementioned Peter K? Did the young thirteen young olds have aspirations to be successful after 3rd grade? Well one became an OK hairdresser, while the other jollied around also as a OK hairdresser!

It was nineteen thousand and 91 when things became closely knitted, the Moreaus started cleaning up at Hip Hop awards within Austria, and productions started in earnest with family members doing the creative thing for real. Dr Rich was well on board by this time and Vienna became a hot bed of heavenly chilled dope beats for the masses.

Rodney along with the Godfather Werner Geier started Uptight recordings and drilled monstrous tunes our way like Leena Conquest's 'Boundaries'. Even today you can hear such luminaries as Gilles Peterson drop this extraordinary mammoth track at his wordwide gigs. Little did we know at the time that this excellent production was yielded by the musical wisdom of the Uptight upstarts Geier and Hunter. This highly prized musical treasure was even licensed to the Stereo MC's label 'Natural Resource' for even more exposure. It was then Uptight magnified itself by remixing for such dignified personnel of Omar, Cornershop, Freak Power, Martine Girault and so on.

(Alan Brown, Soul Seduction, Vienna)


Leena Conquest . Boundaries / Love is blind (aura/natural response )

Willie Oneblood . Empire State (uptight)

Lynne Kieran . Supernatural (uptight)

Freakpower . Get in touch (4th & bw)

Omar . Keep on steppin` (rca)

Freakpower . Running away (4th & bw)

Gravediggaz . Mommy was a gravedigga (gee street)

Doug E. Fresh . Doug E. got it goin` on ( gee street)

Amber Sunshower . Look around my window/Kipper/Beautiful(gee street)

Freakpower . Get in touch (4th & bw / Re-recording)

Cath Coffey . Something about you etc. (island)

Martine Girault . Revival (opaz)

Count Basic . Love your life (spray)

Mama Oliver . East West (uptight)

Uptight Prod. . Iz you wit me (sabotage)

Tosca . Work Song (g-stone)

Komenda . How will he touch & Why... (uptight)

Aphrodelics . on the rise LP (Bmg)

Aphrodelics . rollin on chrome (bmg)

Aphrodelics . nothing to lose (bmg)

Shantel . Why is it oh so hard to be oh so lovely (essay)

Urbs & Chaoz . Closer to god (uptight)

Waldeck . Wake up / Red light (bmg)

General Electric . Deeply nuts (mca)

Blackwing . What goes up (spray)

Sofa Surfers . Tse Tse Fly (mca)

Planet E . Move & Club Cola (mca)

Gmix . Get up man (dubclub/g-stone)

Amber Sunshower . Walter T. (gee street)

Mastalsky . Happy (klein)

Cornershop . Candyman (wiiija)

Uptight People . The maybe tomorrow dub (sony)

War . War is coming (bmg)

Waldeck . Slapwaagen (spray)

Absolute Beginners . Hammerhart (universal)

Tosca . Chocolate Elvis (g-stone)

Aromabar . Sparkling Beauty (infracom)

Boozou Bajou . under my sensi (stereo de luxe)

Uptight People . Blood Strings (polydor)

Freedom Satellite . Trash (sony)

Planet E . Klub Cola Rmx (klein)

Uptight S.S. . wicked & wild (guidance)

Aphrodelics . enormis lp(bmg)

Aphrodelics . the anthem (bmg)

Van Delta . enlargen (groove attack)

Coolio . I like girls

Dzihan+kamien . Stiff Jazz Zuendapp Dub(Couch)

The funky lowlives . Inside (Stereo Deluxe)

Rodney hunter . Get down (bmg,klein)

Rodney hunter . I wanna know (V S)

Rodney Hunter . hunter files lp (g-stone)

Rodney hunter . electric lady (g-stone)

Terranova . the real thing (ministry of sound)

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