Stefan Mörth aka Stereotyp.

Music maker, artist, graphic designer, wine selector and avid collector of 'Jammies'! Jammies, a Moerth term for gadgets and things!

Time to tell the tale! Time for a little Viennese secret to be passed on. Time to pass on till the secret becomes no more. Time for the rest of the world to hear what Vienna has been hearing for some time already. Yes, the infamous 'Dub club' sessions or the regular 'G-Stone' parties just wouldn't be represented, without out a typical Stereotyp workout at some stage in the evening. And yes, this time you really will get to hear the true sound of the Viennese underground!
The underground elsewhere know he is coming too! They have read the 400 hundred page G-Book! The underground in Tokyo, Oslo, New York and London have also had first hand experiences with the awesome remix projects for Juryman (SSR/Crammed), Microfish (Sonar Kollektiv), Peace Orchestra (G Stone). They hunted down the first official twelve(Stash it EP) on Messer's Kruder & Dorfmeister's imprint with much ferocity. The big boys didn't miss out either. Ask the 'Fauna's' about their favourite 'Flash' moment on their 'Confusion' remix album for Compost and they will probably tell you about the 'Booty call' mix from the 18th district of Vienna. The collaboration with Tikiman for the second twelve (Jahman) being the summer anthem at the hottest club in Europe of last year. Yes, residents IG Culture (New Sector Movements) and Dego (4 Hero) fighting for the right to blast the sound of the Stereotyp in their packed and 'place to be' bi weekly 'Co-op' night in London.

The day of the Stereotyp is coming! Page 205 said this would be ............'to be continued' is now a reality of being 'here' and 'now'. This 'now' is Stefans first solo album on G Stone recordings, titled 'My Sound'. An apt title as this and his sound is unique in all forms sonically and spiritually. Sounds that have new origins, find new frontiers, and push the boundaries of Viennese music further then they have been pushed before.
Time then to finally blow the myth about Viennese music sounding like this or sounding like that! New forms in programming with skills and risks. Skills that Stefan has learnt in a very short time. Risks that were calculated and respected. Risks that paid off and helped develop this and his sound. You take a risk when you do something different. His mentors weren't afraid of doing something different either.

So who are his mentors? How did he learn this? What about his inspiration? Could Stefan's studio and home actually be the place where that smoked out dubby duo, the Simon and Garfunkel look a likes recorded so much great music? Dubbed the 'summer camp' by Dr Rich and Mr K and for a whole summer their base for some serious Viennese musical excursions. Without doubt, a spirit still remaining at Stefans studio from Vienna's finest, a spirit and soulfulness now extended into the 21st century and beyond. Momento's that still hang from summer camp sessions, feeding the protégé the spirit needed to accomplish the far reaching tasks of creating new and original music.

This place has so much to do with this too. A studio in the oldest house in his district. A wine growers home from a time gone by. A cellar that held many a good bottle and this why Stefan always having a nice bottle of red wine close at hand. A home offering sanctuary, a family home for over 15 years and where family is anyone who visits his home. A million miles away from the five and a half years of hustle and bustle he spent in New York city. A place to finally realise this 'his' sound. Yes, New York taught him about Dancehall and Ragga, about life and attitude, his home in Vienna teaching him how to turn this sound into music for the new millenium.
His inspiration is the spirit of this place, a small dose of Quincy and Miles added to the blend but truthfully the wine growers home being the birth place of a unique sound. In his studio, Stefan is at total ease, no mix tapes to distract him, no DJ commitments to inflict other peoples music on him. Just his space and dreams to fulfil his ambitions. His musical friends giving the 30 year old a helping hand when needed, never holding back on those secret shortcuts for getting there in the shortest possible time. Peter Kruder being truly inspirational in helping Stefan get to where he is today. He's the man who refused to give Stefan the mix tapes and outlet to what others where doing, and how it has paid off. It's hard to imagine that he has only been making music for just over five years.

No musical distractions then, just other passions, like art, design, painting. The outer and inner jackets all coming from the same house, all coming from the same man. The Stereotyp has many skills. Time spent with his Mac, his cameras, the manipulating software, his creative and adventurous methods being the true catalyst for his work. The music is futuristic, the art he seeks and delivers is likewise.

So then, what about the music, what will we call it? Err, well we don't have a name for it to tell you the truth. Someone once called it music for third millennium future Raggastepperz! Yes you will hear traces of ragga for sure, futuristic indeed, dance hall is represented, it contains nu jazz and plenty of phuture funk, it gets dark, deep and dubby, it has suspense and movement, it features ultra fresh, spiritual and throughly uncompromising vocalists like Tikiman (Basic Channel), Hubert Tubbs (Tower of Power), Sugar B (Dub Club), Colee, Cesar, Trigger and Greenwood, its got Messer's Kruder & Dorfmeister smiling from ear to ear.

Alan Brown 4.4.02

Stereotyp releases so far:

Sly & Mo - Joint venture (Uptight)
Stereotyp - Skyway (Freezone vol. 6)(SSR)
Stereotyp feat Soothsayer - Dub club track (Dub club/G Stone)
Juryman - The Ethopian (Stereotyp remix) (SSR)
Peace Orchestra - Shining (Stereotyp remix) (G-stone)
Sugar B - Little Irie (Stereotyp coproduced) (Dubclub/G-stone)
Stereotyp - Gazzui Matter (Black Coffee vol 3) (Ecco Chamber)
Microfish - Keen (Stereotyp remix) (Dialog)
Fauna Flash - Question (Stereotyp remix) (Compost)
Stereotyp - Stash it EP (G Stone)
Stereotyp feat Tikiman - Jahman (G Stone)
Stereotyp - How to find Royal Jelly (Best Seven)